Since the release of the Mauritius Kite Jam video by Cabrinha, I have always wanted to go to Mauritius and kite it. I didn’t even know where Mauritius was, but I knew it was windy, beautiful and must be paradise. I decided in March after my trip to Cape Town and Boracay that I needed to slow down on the travel and enjoy a place longer than a week. And hoped that place would be Mauritius.


Fast forward two months and I have flights booked to spend two weeks in the paradise island. The forecast was looking amazing, the resort in Le Morne seemed perfect and off I went. I booked with Emirates to fly through Dubai and then onto Mauritius, even though it was twice as long as a standard flight because I didn’t want to miss out on my Emirates points. Plus, its an amazing airline.


I arrived in Mauritius and was stopped by customs to discuss the new DJI Phantom 4 I was carrying in my hands, impulse purchase in Dubai to hopefully capture the beauty of the south Indian Ocean Island I’ve seen in photos and Instagram. After convincing customs I was just a visitor and the drone was leaving with me, I hailed a cab and start my hour journey to the south west corner of the island known as Le Morne. It was an hour ride, and my driver was kind enough to stop so I could get a local sim, and we arrived at the resort at dinner time. I chose the Riu Creole, because it was an all-inclusive resort in the center of the kiteboarding area with a surf and dive center, so we would have many options of non-wind days.



The next morning I woke up early to strong winds, ate breakfast and was kiteboarding by 8am. I spent all day on the water for the next 3 days, playing in the reef  and near the swell just upwind of the famous One Eye wave, a perfect barrel for the surf lover.


The wind started to die off and my plan was to do a Padi course to get my 40m certification. My current advanced license allows me to go to 30m, and recently my boss had come back to work with his 40m cert, so I needed to do it. The dive center was great, they set me up for my course and booked my dives and off we went. My first dive was a wreck dive to get me used to water again since I hadn’t been diving since march in the Philippines. This was the best dive of my career, as we were moving around the wreck, we heard dolphins and two bottle nose showed up to see what we were doing. Visibility was perfect, maybe 35m, the blues were amazing and I got some great video footage with my Garmin Virb. It will be a dive moment I will never forget and will hope to replicate in the future. The rest of my course went well and I completed my trip with a total of 6 dives and a certification of 40m.



The resort also had a surf/sup center and we took full advantage of it. We grabbed paddleboards and went out to the small reef to practice our surf skills. It was my first time using a sup for waves and I enjoyed it, something I want to further in the future.

sup 42-01

The resort decided to do pool repairs while we were there so we were granted access to its sister Adults Only hotel (Riu Le Morne) and got to experience the nice lounge and entertainment they provided, along with their great restaurant buffet. The food at both resorts was amazing and we never went hungry. Our hotel also had an Indian Restaurant that we never tried but tried the Asian buffet twice, full of sushi and Asian food that makes me crave a salmon roll right now! There was a lounge with bar and a beach bar they created great drinks, as we spent a lot of the time relaxing and consuming fluids… The hotel also had a disco that we frequented a few times and a nice change of scenery from the general evening entertainment.


I got a car one windless afternoon to take us to some of the scenic sites in the local area. Le Morne is quite mountainous and they offer 3 beautiful waterfalls to visit and some great scenic lookouts to view the jungle, sugar cane and ocean. We also opted to climb Mount Le Morne one morning, a 553m accent to overlook the reef of Le Morne. We were extremely lucky to capture a rainbow over the reef while on our climb. The wind picked up at the top and when we were done we rushed back to the hotel to catch the winds. The next few days were spent kite surf as the swell picked up and the wind direction change perfectly to have fun on the surf.


I hired a boat one more to take us to swim with dolphins. Our driver was great and the boat was very nice and we cruised along the western shoreline until we found dolphins and got the swim with them. They are very quick and it was quite challenges, much different than diving, but a memorable experice forsure.


Mauritius was amazing. I will never forget the trip. It’s a perfect destination for wind seekers or people looking to relax on the pristine beaches with crystal clear water. I will go back one day, but until then I have many more places to explore.



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