Chobe, Botswana…

During our second day in Victoria Falls we opted to take a day trip to Chobe on the recommendation of our manager. He said “if you want to see elephants, you need to go to Chobe.” So we booked the trip and off we went.


Morning started early and was quite rough due to the amount of wine consumed the night before… we took an hour drive to the Zambia – Botswana ferry crossing, where the safari guide picked us up my boat and brought us across the river to the Botswana shore. A short period in immigration for a day pass and we were in our safari jeep on route to Chobe.


The safari is on the Chobe wetlands. We enter from the highway and through some bush then down to the river’s edge. There were impala, warthog, crocs, hippos and many types of bird. We travelled along the bank for about an hour before we saw our first elephants. And after that they were everywhere.



We also came across many antelope, a large herd of giraffe and zebra. We didn’t see any cats but they do have some, and no rhino as there isn’t any in this part of Chobe.



After our 3 hour game drive we went to have lunch and then caught a boat to tour the water’s edge. Crocs, hippos and many elephants lined the shoreline cooling off in the hot afternoon sun. We crossed paths with an elephant swimming to an island to eat grass, a large elder buffalo cooling in the water and a herd of black sable, much darker than the sable where I live. It got to the point where we saw so many elephants you were hoping to see something else. But it was worth it, especially the young elephants rough housing with each other.


I’d definitely go back to Botswana.



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