Cape Town…

March 2016

I jumped a flight from Lusaka Zambia to Cape Town via Windhoek, Namibia. I arrived in Cape Town late evening and was met by my prearranged shuttle to my guest house in Bloubergstrand. Blouberg is about 20 to 30 minutes north of the airport along the coast and is a mecca for surfing, windsurfing and of course, kitesurfing… the whole reason I was heading to the Cape. I got a really good deal through for the Sir David Boutique Guesthouse which is only a short walk kite beach. The Sir David provides full breakfast and its very good. My first morning, I walked along the beachfront down to the Cabrinha shop to buy some products and get a feel for the lay of the land.  Cabrinha South Africa is situated in the Eden on the Bay plaza right on the beachfront. I bought some products including my first WOO device and got all the information I needed about kiting. Cabrinha has a compressor and a customer locker for your stuff, as well as situated in the middle of all the restaurants and pubs. I was able to kite 4 of the 6 days in the Cape on my 10m which is pretty awesome considering I went at the end of windy season.

Kitesurfing in Blouberg

There are lots of excursions to do in the Cape and I was able to do some of them when not kiting. I did book shark cage diving which is a 2.5 hour out of the city, but unfortunately the winds were more in favour of kiting and when I arrived at Shark Lady very early in the morning we weren’t able to dive. We turned around and went back to cape. Considering we had wasted 5 hours of driving in the wee hours of the morning, the drive back redeemed itself as the clouds were flowing over the peaks of the mountains like dry ice and made for the most beautiful scenery.

Chopper Flight around Cape Town

Since I couldn’t go shark diving I chartered a chopper to take me around the city one morning. We took off at 7am and got to fly around the city as the sun peaked over the mountains. It was pretty awesome because considering all the flying I do, I have only been in a chopper once before. After the chopper I hired my driver to take me down to Simons Town to Boulder Beach, which is famous for penguins. This was pretty awesome as well because typically I associate penguins with snow and not chillin’ out on the beach.

Penguins at Boulder’s Beach

Cape Town is known for its wineries and although I didn’t get tire to go visit them, I did have my fair share of drinking SA wine. I want to go back and check out the wineries as well as some other things, but it’s very hard to do when it’s windy and you are hauling 30kg of gear around the world specifically to kite!

Windsurfers in Blouberg

Here is a teaser video of my trip to Cape Town:




Cape Town Rating:

Destination: 9

Kiteboarding: 10

Resort: 10

Non Kiteboarding Activities: 8

Value: 9

Overall Experience: 9


One thought on “Cape Town…

  1. Glad you enjoyed Cape Town … it is my adopted “home”.

    You are right there are so many things to do. Robben Island (where Mandela and other ANC prisoners were incarcerated) is a fascinating and informative half day trip. There is a great motor museum in Franschoek for petrol heads. Don’t forget cable-wakeboarding at Blue Rock and in the Durbanville Hills. And the wine-tasting!

    Other options to stay are Cape Town Kite Club (about 100 metres from where you were at the Sir David Baird) which is an upmarket hostel/self-catering operation for kitesurfers.

    Re shark-diving … I don’t want to be controversial but many of us locals disapprove of this activity as we think it smacks too much of “messing with nature”. We also worry that chumming the water for sharks will in the long term associate humans with food … not a good outcome for surfers and kitesurfers. Do have a long hard think about whether this is a risk.

    See you next time on the water and thank you for this blog.


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