Travel Mistakes…

These are my top 5 travel mistakes:

1. Holding onto my Phone

In our modern world we are so consumed about technology and social media that we are always distracted by it, even when travelling. Walking and typing in unfamiliar places, not paying attention to people and leaving your phone are probably the top 3 mistakes I make with my phone and that I notice from others. Also, because it’s always in my hand I tend to leave it places like in an airport washroom or on the front seat of the cab. I have been very lucky to still have my original phone and hope my luck keeps up. Pack your phone away when not urgently required.

2. Not Prearranging Transport

This one got me in Egypt. Most hotels offer a shuttle of some sort but I thought I’d save money and get my own taxi. Don’t be cheap and always prearrange your transport. It’s saves alot of headaches.

3. Panicking

This one is in two parts. Sometimes there is a need to panic (like running across an international airport when you leave your phone in the washroom)  and sometimes there’s a need to just stop and relax, rethink the situation and chill.

4. Overpacking

We all over pack. I’m the worst but I am an effective, organized packer. Most of my stuff is kite gear anyways. I pack only what I know I am able to manage. My last trip from Canada I brought 97 kg worth of stuff. Good suitcases with good WHEELS is an area where you shouldn’t cheap out. My Dakine luggage has really held up to global travel and I’m really impressed since I always pack it to 30kg. However, half the stuff you pack you probably won’t use/wear.

5. Not Reaching your Destination

I usually research but often I’m travelling somewhere to specifically kite or dive. However sometimes these can be combined with excursions or something can be booked in the other part of the day I’m not doing something.  It’s always good to research rather than coming across something and saying I wish I had known about that. Also, don’t cheap out. You are someplace you’ve never been before and have no idea if you will be back, so don’t cheap out and enjoy the trip while you can.

Hopefully some of you find this information useful because I’ve managed to drop chocolate on my clean white shirt while writing this. Maybe that’s mistake 6; don’t wear white, ever.


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