Free Wifi…

I have found out the dangers of using free WiFi while travelling. Sitting in the airport in Zambia for my 11 hour layover, and my addiction to the internet, has left me with a blocked IP address on some server. How can this happen you may ask? My Hotmail account  is connected to my gmail, so when I log in through a connection that is not my home I get an email. Dubai, Zambia, Thailand, Egypt, the notification pops up and I just ignore it. However on this Sunday afternoon in August I receive a notification that I have been logged in from Mauritius. It’s a place I am dreaming to go, but was currently sitting in an airport in Zambia waiting to fly to Egypt…


I immediately disconnected from the wifi and tethered through my sim to change my password. No one gave me notification that I was spamming them so I thought I was home free. Fast forward 4 months later and now I cannot post to certain websties. I get a notification that Spamhaus has blocked my IP due to spam issues sent from my account that were sent out through my phone IP. Now I’m stuck with a cell IP that is blocked on the XBL and SBL servers. Luckily it is only my IP (which will change when I upgrade my phone) and not anything important such as my banking apps. Now I always buy a local sim and never use free wifi while travelling if at all possible. Be cautious! Cell phone plans are relatively cheap abroad so its definitely worth getting a local sim. Most can be purchased right at the airport on your way to the taxi.


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