When I sat down and looked at my travel stats for the past 7 months I was pretty surprised. Here are some numbers:

  • 27 Flights Total
  • 19 Emirates Flights (6 First Class, 13 Business Class)
  • 128 Hours Total Flight Time
  • 86 Hours Total Airport Time
  • 89,000 KM Traveled
  • $27,000 in Airfare
  • 6 Country Entries
  • Unknown amount of Inflight Champagne (but the number is high)
Dubai Airport

Most of my flights have been booked Emirates Business Class which is pretty awesome. Nice spacious seats, decent food, free champagne, good inflight entertainment, etc. But the bonus is receiving a courtesy First Class upgrade which is a completely different experience. On demand food service, always full glass of Dom, private suite, and in the case of the A380, a shower! I can tell you nothing feels better than a refreshing shower after 20 hours of flying before you land. The service from Emirates has been absolutely amazing and I am definitely convinced that given the option I will always choose this airline. I have never had a lost bag (knock on wood), the baggage allowance is generous (I tend not to travel light…), and travelling through Dubai is awesome. The airport is well equipped, the shops are unbelievable and the lounges make the abundance of airport time pass with ease.

I highly recommend booking with Emirates for your next adventure experience.

Emirates A380 First Class Shower

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