El Gouna…

After my visit to Luxor I had 3 days left to experience the kite life in El Gouna. I had some friends who were working at the kite centers in El Gouna, so it was a perfect trip to go and visit. I had already experienced the Red Sea winds in Soma Bay, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. El Gouna has 3 large kite centers on the beach, with many kiters on the water. There could be over 200 at a time. The most I have ever seen.


My one friend was working at a new center that was just about to open so it was very quiet. I chose to ride there as there were maybe 3 to 5 riders rather than the 50 at the location my other friend was working. I rented a freerace board as the winds were a little lighter and off I went kms into the sea to the reefs.


The red sea is beautiful. The turquoise waters are clear, and you see the mountain range that follows the water with nothing but desert sand between. As you pass over the reefs, you can watch the fish swimming around under your board. It really is quite spectacular.



One day my friends arranged a boat trip to a remote kiting location about an hour and a half away. The place is called Tawila Island, and is a deserted island in the red sea in a protected area. Its relatively flat, perfect sand and the wind blows across the island leaving a butter smooth service to kite on the south side where we anchored. Unfortunately the wind didn’t cooperate with us and we had little kiting time, but we did spend the whole day on a remote deserted island that felt like paradise. Tawila is definitely a trip you want to make if its windy and you have means of transportation.



El Gouna has a nice downtown area filled with restaurants and shops in the center of all the resorts. Food was not hard to find and there was little entertainment venues around the square. The vibe was nice and relaxing, but the nightlife can be crazy at certain times apparently.


I dove two morning`s from my hotel with my freshly earned dive certification. The red sea is known for amazing diving, and that proved itself on the first dive. Visibility was so clear, and schools of fish everywhere. We saw some octopus and blue spotted rays, plus some of the biggest moray eels I could imagine.


El Gouna was quite different than Soma Bay. More resorts and more people, but also more amenities. El gouna is more of the fun entertaining area and Soma Bay is the more secluded, relaxing area. Either choice you make, you won`t regret visiting the Red Sea, especially if you kite or dive!


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