Sri Lanka…

September 2015

A few weeks after I was in Zambia I got a message from Medysky from Best Kiteboarding telling me to come join him in Sri Lanka because the kiting was amazing! “As good as Brazil” he said. Unfortunately I didn’t have the luxury at this point to take off on a trip so I had to pass. But if Sam said it was good, it was worth looking into. I started doing research as I didn’t even know where Sri Lanka was. I thought it was next to Somalia but I was way off. Its actually an island south of India in the Indian Ocean. Cool, i knew where i wanted to go. Second requirement was met when I found out Emirates flew to Colombo, the Capital of Sri Lanka. Going to collect Business Class points – Check.

Sri Lanka

I started the kiting research on my go to site, There was already a thread on Kalpitiya Lagoon kiteboarding, so I put a message out that i was interested in going. I received a private message from Romashki Kiteboarding and thats all it took for me to be convinced to go. Romashki provided room, board and transport to kite, for a great price that fit my budget and decent reviews.


I left Soma Bay to fly back to Cairo and catch Emirates to Colombo. The flight went Cairo to Dubai, and Dubai to Colombo. It was overnight so that was efficient from a cost point of view as one less night in a hotel and travel time while I slept. Romashki organized my transfer from Colombo to Kalpitiya which takes about 3 hours. Sri Lanka was my first visit to an Asian country. Much different from my experience in Africa and obviously back home in Canada. Poor conditions, animals roaming free on the roadways but the price was right and there was wind.

Kalpitiya Lagoon

I got to Romashki and was met by one of the owners, Polina, who gave me the rundown and organized to have me transported to the kite spot in the afternoon which is a 5 minute boat ride across the lagoon. Once again I had just a 13m, and the lagoon was windy. 20 kts, and flat water as the sand bar breaks the waves from the ocean leaving a smooth pond to kite. The wind was like this for the whole week I was there. I kited every day no matter how tired and sore I was. Romashki is obviously a kite school so there was a couple from Moscow that had come to learn to kite. They were both riding within the week! I had option to rent a smaller kite on the stronger days, but i opted to use my 13 because I was getting the hang of riding overpowered and massive boosting and hangtime. I was really starting to make do traveling with only one piece of equipment. This will change later however.

One of two random puppies

Polina at Romashki was very accomodating to me while I was there. She ensured that I always had something non-seafood to eat since I’m not a fan, and even made crepes a couple of times which reminded me of back home! Their chef was great and the food was quite good. The vibe was good and theres always an animal to play with like her cat Spichka or one of the random puppies wandering around looking for food. Theres even an ice cream truck that drives by once a day, which doesnt sound that amazing but when you spend 2 months in Africa with no ice cream, it was the excitement of the day the first time it came around.

Only some of the kiters around Romashki!

I ended up meeting some awesome people during my week in Sri Lanka. There isnt much to do besides kite so better hopeyoure going to get wind. There is the occassional beach party and you can take excursions to the south of the island to surf or the east side of the island for elephants and stuff. I did meet Dan of D&D Kitetravel and Aga of Kitemotion who I will later see again back in Egypt.

Sri Lanka Rating:

Kiteboarding: 10
Resort: 8
Non Kiteboarding Activities: 2
Value: 9
Overall Experience 8+


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