Soma Bay…

August 2015

So there I was off to Soma Bay. I booked a flight with EgyptAir from Cairo and began the second part of my Egypt journey. I booked at the Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge that was recommended on the 7Bft Kitehouse website based in Soma Bay. They have an airport shuttle available and were waiting for me in Hurgada arrivals to trek me the 45 minutes south to Soma. Soma Bay is a gated resort complex with maybe 8 resorts and a kite center on a little spit jetting out into the Red Sea. The Breakers has half board which includes breakfast and dinner which is perfect because you should be spending the day at 7bft Kitehouse. My room was nice and faced NE over the Red Sea, into the wind. They also have a dive center (which i didn’t try) so it is fully equipped for a non wind day. One of the nicer resorts next door had a spa (pamphlet was in my room) and looked very nice.

20150820_171205 (2)

20150818_162733 (2)

There is a shuttle to 7bft Kitehouse every 30 minutes from the Breakers. It’s about a 5 minute drive towards mainland. 7bft is the nicest, most equipped kite center I have ridden. They have onsite storage, compressors and a kite shop with sales and rentals. They are fully equipped bar and restaurant, inside and outside lounge areas, an area off to the side for non kiters to bask in the sun and of course a huge sandy beach with assistants to launch and land you. The center is offshore so they have rescue boats to grab you in case of trouble.

20150820_110933 (2)

I had no idea how long i was going to be in Africa so i only brought one kite and a split board to fit into my suitcase. The kite i chose was a 13 xbow which is a powerhouse. This place is blowing 20-25 kts normally with 30+. First day i pumped up my 13 while everyone is on 10 or 11s. Thoughout my travels i will get asked this same question “why are youpumping a 13m?” to which ill respond “its the only kite i brought”. So i set the trim to low and off i go.

20150820_121338 (2)

Holy hell the wind is nice. Its a bit nerve racking at first as I’ve never kited offshore, so if something goes wrong you had no option but to drift until someone comes and rescues you. The nice part is that they are on top of things and they have 2 or 3 rescue boats to come help you. The benefit of off shore means you get to ride butter smooth water which also isn’t helping the fact that i am on an over sized kite. Luckily i bought a new 134cm split kiteboard so the smaller size helps me keep the edge in the over powered conditions. When the wind gets too high I come off the water and take a break for some espresso, beer or food. I did this for the next three days and it couldnt have been better. It was pretty hot since it was summer in Egypt, one of the three days it hit 46 degrees. Sun protection and hydration is a must.

If you’re looking for a great resort/kite/dive destination, Soma Bay, Egypt should be on that list! I’m writing this 6 months after the trip and its still my top destination.

Next stop, Sri Lanka.


Soma Bay Rating:

Kiteboarding: 10
Resort: 9
Non Kiteboarding Activities: 5
Value: 9
Overall Experience 10+


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