Kiteboarding is my passion. Living around the Great Lakes we are fortunate enough to amazing opportunities for kiting (kiteboarding, kitesurfing) not to be confused with windsurfing which is a completely different sport… I am fortunate enough to work a flex hour schedule that allows me to take off on a Tuesday afternoon to chase the wind if it arrives. The thing about kiting is that when you are on the water, all you think about is the kite, the wind and the view. My stress seems to melt away. My mind goes clear as I focus on the wind conditions and lining up that wave for the right jump. I feel completely free when I’m riding on the water.

The problem is that in Africa I have to give it up. There are no lakes where I’m going, and my schedule is pretty regimented, so the 3 kiting sessions I’m used to getting every week will now be paused for 8 weeks. How will I relax? What will I have to talk about? I work to kite and my world revolves around the wind. I’m starting to feel lost…



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