On June 16th, 2015 I’m finally getting a chance to go to Dubai. I’ve seen photos, watched TV shows, Dubai is the engineering mecca of the modern world. If you can dream the design, they will build it in Dubai. And I thought it would be fascinating. I took a 13 hour flight from Toronto to Dubai. My flight doesn’t leave until the next day to Africa so Emirates put you in a hotel for the night. As soon as I checked in and dropped my stuff off in the room I needed to explore. I wanted to see everything Dubai had to offer. I hired a car and wanted to go straight to the Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach (I’m an avid kitesurfer). What you don’t on TV is how massively spread out Dubai is. From the airport (hotel)  to the Burj Al Arab is over an hour drive. Traffic is pretty intense too. comparable to Toronto at rush hour but occurs all day.

Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach

We get to kite beach and its empty. There’s no wind and the temperature is 47C. Its hot. Unbearably hot. I look around and take the opportunity to get some get shots of Burj Al Arab. Its getting hotter. So I jump in the car and ask the driver to take me to Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building.


Dubai has some awesome buildings. I was asking the driver to take me pass some specifics I remember seeing on TV, not realizing that these were actually in Abu Dhabi and not Dubai. However I did see a twisted structure and the worlds tallest building. As a Canadian, I feel resentment that the CN Tower has lost the title. I went to the highest point I could. Its definitely not cheap, but worth the trip. I still don’t understand why they built such a tall building, all you can see is desert and haze. But on a clear day I’m sure the view is spectacular.

Burj Khalifa

Obviously I had to go to Dubai mall. Dubai is known for three things, lavish lifestyle, pushing engineering limits, and shopping. Dubai mall has everything. One minute you are buying underwear, the next you buy a new Lamborghini and then off the the aquarium to watch the fish. Its huge. 5 levels. I found myself at home in the Nespresso store, and noted this shop for future trips. After exploring the rest of the mall I was quite exhausted from my long flight and busy afternoon so I went back to the hotel for the night.

Burj Khalifa at Night

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