The Job…

I went to school for engineering specializing in automotive design. This was my ticket. My chance to move away from home and be the next famous car designer. I worked hard and landed an internship with Honda Manufacturing, under the facility engineering department. I wasn’t designing cars but i thought this would be a great stepping stone to get into the industry. I graduated school a month before the 2008 financial crash. Markets tanks, companies cut back, the automotive sector completely dropped out. Honda wasn’t hiring so I was forced to apply to every available online design job. I ended up landing a position with a consulting firm I had never heard of; specializing in mining that I had no experience in. 7 years later, I’ve survived 3 market downturns catapulting me into a great seniority position with the firm. My dreams had changed from designing the best sports cars to being able to travel the world to remote mining locations with the global consulting firm. And that’s when I finally got the chance. There was an urgent 8 week position available with one of our clients in Africa, and I would need to leave in 8 days. I looked at the contract, packed some bags and the next thing you know I’m holding a Emirates business class ticket from Toronto to Dubai. Throttle, rotate and wheels up. “Yes, I would love some champagne…”


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